Saturday, September 03, 2005


The use of the Web in teaching and learning has been seen as an opportunity to reach new resources that cannot be brought into the classroom as easily. But the web has also produced a change in the concept of the physical space of a classroom, the discussion of [classroom = learning space] is ongoing.
Some teachers devote classroom time to use the web resources as class materials with their students. Others prefer to use the web as an extension of the classroom, and encourage their students to explore on their own, and to engage in discussion forums and other activities.

Do you think the web resources should be used "in the classroom" under teacher's supervision; or "out of the classroom" as an opportunity for self learning and exploration?

Is blended learning a good thing for K-12?

Blended learning aims to put together the best of online and traditional practices for teaching and learning. Is this a good thing in K-12?